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Prestbury Hall Facilities


                                                            Main Hall                    Meeting Room

Size (length x breadth)                        15m(48ft) x 9m(27ft)   4m(12ft) x 2,5m(8ft)

Height                                                 6m(!8ft)                               2.3m(7ft)

Capacity (standing)                             199                              12

Capacity (seating)                               120                              12

Heating                                   Water Feed Radiators             Electrical

Number of Heaters                             8                                  1

Number of Power sockets                   6                                  2

Type of flooring                      Composite                               Composite

Hearing Loop                                      No                                No

Microphone                                        No                                No

Decorative Condition              Excellent

Parking off road                      12 vehicles

Stage                                       Full width and 4metres deep

Disability Access                     Ramp at main entrance and then flat area throughout.

Toilets                                     Ladies, Gents and Disabled.               

Kitchen                                    Full cooking and food preparation facilities.